by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale Fire Department recently donated $25,000 for a new rescue van.

Fundraisers are a vital part of funding the volunteer fire department. Funds are used for training and purchasing equipment.

“We fundraise and put money in a truck account, just like we did for the building,” explained Fire Chief Mike Madsen.

The fundraising is done through the Verndale Fire Relief organization. When the time comes, funds are given to the city to make the purchase.

The fire department purchased the 2017 van late last spring and had it ready to go about two weeks before their annual auction where they sold the previous van which was a 1978.

It was showing its age and was time for an upgrade. 

They purchased the new van for $66,000. It is larger and offeres more storage with an additional four feet in length. . . .

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The Verndale Fire Relief Association recently donated $25,000 towards the fire department’s new rescue van.