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Verndale School Board: Looking at library redesign and more classroom space


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on April 1. 

Legislative report

Superintendent Paul Brownlow said the legislature released their budget targets with some differences. The school will move forward with their budget planning once the legislature wraps up in May. 

Brownlow shared the legislative budget is looking at a formula increase of three percent the first year and two percent the second year. They are looking to allow school districts to begin school prior to Labor Day in 2021. There are two lobby groups in opposition of the early start, resort owners and the State Fair/4-H as they would lose employees and last minute income.

The legislature will allow schools to  levy for school safety funds that could be used for security upgrades, school resource officers and more. The state will provide some aid with school safety funds, when they previously haven’t.

The school snow days bill passed alleviating districts of having to make up those missed school days.

“I think this bill is more for the districts in southern Minnesota that lost 10 days [of school]. We lost three and we’ll make up all three,” said Brownlow. . . .

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