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Verndale School Board May 2019


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on May 6.

The meeting began with a special performance of the boys choir ensemble that received a superior rating at the state solo and ensemble competition on May 4. The group was comprised of Matthew Schluttner, Reece Thompson, Zach Brownlow, Alec Lundgren, and Brayden Vertina.

Other superior ratings went to Morgan Glenz  and Brayden  Vertina, duet, and Molly Brownlow for clarinet solo. There were 15 students who competed.

High Reliability Schools

Staff and students shared their thoughts on the High Reliability Schools and the changes in the classrooms.

“It seems like everything is more controlled and organized,” said Morgan Glenz.

She added there has been more enforcement on safety and consequences. 

Mardi Ehrmantraut shared that she has noticed more teachers going into other classrooms and observing their teaching techniques.

“They know where everyone is at all times and everything is supervised,” said Molly Brownlow. 

“Different classes come into my room all day long. I really like that there are consistent expectations and consequences across the board. So when a student comes into my classroom they know what’s expected,” shared Teacher Nick Bunio. . . .

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