by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on December 4. 


    Jon Archer with Schlenner Wenner  Co. presented the audit for fiscal year 2017.

    The total revenue was $5,810,270 with expenditures adding up to $6,149,883 due to the bus garage project.

    “The audit shows a deficit of $339,000. This is attributed to the costs of the parking lot, fuel tank, and bus garage. The total expense for all three was $581,346.00. Without the expenses of the bus garage, fuel tank, and parking lot, the district would have seen an increase in the fund balance of $242,346,” said Brownlow. 

    The food service fund was discussed. The fund showed $307,975 in revenues with 211,977 coming from federal sources. Total expenditures came in at $306,694 for an ending fund balance of $39,434.

    “We were concerned that was going to be in the deficit. It turns out we get to put $1281 in the bank,” said Brownlow.

    Community service fund shows $55,914 and non-major funds are at $95,348...

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