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Warrick checks up on Verndale School

by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School is on their way to completing their first of five levels for the High Reliability Schools (HRS) program.

    NJPA awarded funds to the school in December 2016, for the next three years,  to be a part of  the HRS program. Since then, they have implemented level one by training on safe and collaborative culture.

    Doctor Phil Warrick from Marzano Research Institute visited the school on October 3, to check in on their progress. 

    “The culture was warm, welcoming and really comfortable-family type atmosphere,” said Warrick in a video review of his visit. 

    Warrick also met with Matt Parker, the instructional coach, and their consultants with NJPA. He met with the administration in the morning then ventured out into the school with Parker to gather some data and insight.

    Warrick gathered information from 15 staff members including Mark Gades, head custodian, and Wade Kern, director of buildings, grounds and transportation as well as six students. He reviewed the protocols and procedures and witnessed them in effect. 

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