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Wadena County Commissioners: Certificate of support for Tri-County Hospital, ADA transition plan


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on April 2 at the Wadena County Courthouse.

Tri-County Hospital certificate of support

A letter stated that Tri-County Hospital, Inc. has filed an application for financial assistance through USDA-Rural Development for the purpose of funding a new healthcare facility. They are required to provide evidence of significant community support for the proposed project.

County Coordinator Ryan Odden said it would not have an adverse impact on other facilities providing similar services as there are no other hospitals in the county. They were not given a dollar amount as they are still in the application process.

The commissioners approved a certificate of support.

AMC Transportation

A resolution was sent to all 87 counties in the state. The resolution stated the total annual need is $1.084 billion over the next 25 years just to maintain the current County State Aid Highway and county road system, not including expansion. The annual funding gap for counties has resulted in deferring basic maintenance, delaying expansion projects with resulting safety concerns, mounting congestion, and missed economic growth for businesses and commuters. A comprehensive and sustainable transportation solution should include robust funding for roads, bridges, and transit, and address the varying needs in different parts of the state. They are asking the counties to recognize a state shortfall in funding to maintain roads.

Commissioners approved a resolution to support the Minnesota Legislature to pass and the governor to sign a bill that would bring adequate funding to the state’s transportation system. . . .

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