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Commissioners confer on various topics


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on July 9.

Huntersville and Lyons State Forests trail revision

Tim Williamson, with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) division of parks and trails, discussed the update for the state forest trails revision project.  

They are looking at the trails at the Huntersville and Lyons State Forests. In the past two years they have conducted a review, worked with the public,  state and local parties and have recommendations for changes to the trails.

“Those changes have kicked this into a higher environmental review,” said Williamson.

  According to the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board if there are more than 10 miles of new trails, the project goes into an environmental assessment worksheet.

“And that is another months long process for us and there will be a public review for that when we get to that point,” explained Williamson.

The proposed additions total 13.7 miles of trails for motorized vehicles and horses. They plan to have another public meeting around August or September. The maps are on the DNR website. They plan to start creating the trails next year. . . .

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