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Wadena County Commissioners special meeting


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held a special meeting on July 19 to discuss a variety of items.

Budgetary Concerns

Commissioner Jim Hofer shared that the budget committee heard from all of the departments and appreciated their thoroughness on their budget needs. The budget committee meets on the 29th to look at where they’re at. 

Some departments said they didn’t need an increase. The budget committee hasn’t set a levy number yet, but in previous years has stayed under four percent. There are needs and wants in three departments including human services, the sheriff’s office and community corrections. 

They have discussed the ratio of workers to cases in human services and the absence of South Country and the potential impacts.

“We have constantly full jails, and more dispatching. The personnel committee is dealing with that and the sheriff has plugged some of that into the budget that has come to us,” said Hofer.

Todd-Wadena Community Corrections has not had an inflationary increase in 7-8 years. They have vehicle needs in corrections and human services. 

“They are problem areas that we’re going to try and scrunch down,” said Hofer. . . .

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