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Wadena County Commissioners: Hope Center update, Human Services financials, new stairs at Old Wadena


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on July 23.

Liaison Role

Public Health Director Cindy Pederson presented the job description for the board liaison role.

Some of the description includes scheduled visits with a clear purpose and to be impartial with issues between departments, improved governance functions for the county as a whole, provide a mechanism for departments and more.

“Staff really appreciates the interaction with the commissioners,” said Pederson.

“I appreciate the effort that went into this and the clear-cut guidelines, too,” said Commissioner Jon Kangas.

The commissioners approved.

Solid Waste Transfer Station Improvements

Solid Waste Director Chris McConn has been working with the solid waste committee and contractors concerning improvements to the transfer station.

McConn presented three options to the commissioners. He expressed they would like the most expensive of the three options for $42,990 that included lowering the ceiling, adjusting railing for the lower ceiling, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) area furnace and replacing the door for the HHW area as a part of the total.

“The initiative was to clean up the front office of the transfer station. The staff tend to spend a lot of time in the office instead of the break room for lunch with good reason,” said McConn. . . .

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