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Wadena County Commissioners: County chooses Blue Plus, plea to keep hospital in the county


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners met on June 25. 

Wish to keep hospital in 

the county

Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Director for the city of Wadena Dean Uselman came before the board of commissioners to address his thoughts on the Tri-County Hospital and the Wadena County Fairgrounds. This item was on the agenda for a closed session. 

“I am here as a citizen, taxpayer and property owner in Wadena County. It’s no secret I have been working on this project as the economic development director for the city of Wadena, but as a citizen and resident of Wadena County my entire life I think this is extremely important that the new hospital is retained within the county,” shared Uselman.

He said they have worked through many scenarios to keep it in the county.

“The one option left is to co-exist with the fairgrounds property,” said Uselman.

“I am here to encourage you to do everything that you can to retain that new hospital within the county and capture the tax revenue that it will generate...this will offer some relief to the taxpayers of Wadena County," he said.

Commissioner Hofer shared the committee has been working on it, but he has not received any update and expects there will be during the closed session. 

“Otherwise I’m out of the loop as to what’s going on,” said Hofer.

Uselman reiterated his plea for the hospital to stay within the county as it would benefit everyone. Commissioner Horsager shared his sentiments. . . .

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