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Wadena County Commissioners: New board room technology installed


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on August 6. Commissioner Bill Stearns was absent.

Veterans Service Office Grant

David Anderson, county veterans service officer, discussed the 2019-2020 grant from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs for $10,000.

Anderson explained that the funds help support advertising and other needs. He is looking to use the funds for a form fill program for the database and help with claims processing. 

The commissioners approved for Anderson to apply for the grant.

Board Room Technology Training

The two new TVs were installed in the small courtroom where the commissioners meet. One remote controls both televisions. 

IT Director David Hotchkiss demonstrated how the new system worked. Software is installed onto a computer or used with an external device that will display the computer screen on both of the televisions. 

“We have to be careful of what we have on our screens that there isn’t confidential or private data,” explained Hotchkiss. 

The television screen can split into four quadrants from four separate computers. And it can work from a cell phone. There is a code that will display on the screen to allow a device to link with the television. It will change every few minutes to prevent hacking.

They discussed using the system for meetings if someone isn’t physically there so they can join remotely.

County Attorney Kyra Ladd shared that there was a discussion about 10 years ago to video tape the meetings to put online. . . .

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