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Wadena County Commissioners


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on August 20. Commissioner Sheldon Monson was absent.

Network Support Technician Project Lead

IT Director Dave Hotchkiss asked the commissioners to post for a network support technician project lead to bring the department up to full staff. The position would be budget neutral this year and supported by the IT committee.

Commissioner Jim Hofer explained there is a history of having three employees and currently they have just over one.

“We need these other feet on the ground, because Dave does too much help desk type work for what we really want him to do,” said Hofer.

Hofer added that it will slightly affect the budget next year as they are still in a contract with Marco for services until next year.

Hotchkiss said they renegotiated the Marco contract from $4666 monthly to $2333 monthly. The money saved will go toward the next project which is M-Files software that will allow them to quickly send, store and find documents.

Approved the posting for network support tech lead.

Human Services Statistical Reports

Amie Gendron shared the monthly statistical report that included salaries and benefits at 57 percent of the budget, overhead and administrative costs at 61 percent and program costs at 64 percent for a total of 59 percent of the budget being utilized. 

“The same areas that have tended to be over budget continue,” said Gendron. . . .

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