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Wellebrate draws crowd for health education, Lindsay Whalen


Tri-County Health Care hosted its brand new event, Wellebrate, on April 29, drawing a crowd of more than 500 people. A combination of Men’s Night Out and Women’s Day Out, Wellebrate was created to promote and celebrate wellness in local communities. Along with educational booths and a light meal, it featured presentations by Tri-County president and CEO Joel Beiswenger and orthopedic surgeon Ben Robertson, M.D.

Lindsay Whalen, University of Minnesota women’s basketball head coach and four-time Minnesota Lynx WNBA champion, was the keynote speaker. She detailed her time with the Gophers and their Final Four appearance, her transition to the Lynx and rising as a WNBA all-star. She also made the U.S. Olympics team where she brought home two gold medals.

For Whalen, the ability to be a skillful player and knowledgeable coach came partly as a result of treating teammates, coaches and others with respect and a selfless attitude. Then she explained how her dedication to staying fit and following a healthy diet helped her continue playing basketball for so long. After her presentation, she took questions from the audience.

Whalen entered the gym to a standing ovation of many excited visitors. She recalled the speakers before her in years past including Justin Morneau, Mark Rosen, Bud Grant, and Adam Thielen among others. But she was the first woman in recent years.

She shared this was her first visit to Wadena and joked about continuing to go too far north past the Dairy Queen in Motley. . . .

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