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Purchase agreement signed on land to house well and treatment plant

by Marlo Benning

    At a special meeting held on January 24, the council voted to sign a purchase agreement for one acre of land owned by the Sheila Stave revocable trust for $10,000. 

    This piece of land would be used for a new well and a water treatment plant that is currently in the planning stages. It is located just to the east of Verndale Custom Builders. It also abuts the land where the city’s well number two is located.

    According to Clerk Barbara Holmes, the city has not heard back from Burlington Northern Sante Fe about purchasing the park in order to put the new water tower there. They will await their response before deciding where they will place the tower. 

    At the meeting, it was approved to spend the $60,000 to have the required pilot project done and $6500 for an electrical upgrade to 400 amp service. The three month long pilot project will be implemented on the property where well number two is located. 

    The maintenance department will be trained on how to operate the pilot project once it is in place. The water flow has to be turned on for several hours a day to mimic the process of the new treatment plant. Water samples will be gathered and sent into the lab periodically for monitoring purposes.

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