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A sense of satisfaction for this "giving" person: White donates over two gallons of blood


by Karin L. Nauber

While many 16-year-olds are thinking more about other things, Nicole White of Hewitt was thinking about what she could do to help her fellow human beings.

She first began to donate blood in 2011 at the age of 16.

But why?

According to White, “Donating blood is such an easy way to give back to those in need. I like to think of the body as “renewable energy” in a sense. The body is continuously regenerating and replenishing your blood supply. It’s free!” 

Since she began her donation journey, she has donated 21 units of blood. Each unit is one pint, bringing the total to over two gallons. 

“At 24 units I will have reached 3 gallons donated,” she said.

That’s a lot of blood!

White takes every opportunity she can to donate and has only missed out on donating when she was in college.

“It was tough to work in around classes and work,” she said.

According to the American Red Cross, a person can donate full blood every 56 days. Typically when you donate, one pint is taken.

When White donates, however, she does a Power Red Donation.

In short, Power Reds are a two for one deal! (Two units for one donation appointment.)

There are several qualifications in order to be able to do a Power Red Donation. . . .

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