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Will Tony the Wonder Pony be allowed to stay?
Davidson wants people to get to know her horse 

by Karin L. Nauber

Her request for a variance from the city of Eagle Bend was denied, but Pam Brook Davidson believes that her emotional support animal, Tony the Wonder Pony, should be allowed to stay in her home within the city limits.
She is currently working on a variance within the city of Clarissa and has a hearing on October 16 at 6 p.m.
Pam wishes that people would get to know Tony before they make judgements about whether or not she should be able to keep her emotional support animal.
“I couldn’t walk very well back in May. I had been hurt. Then on December 22 I fell and landed very hard and was very hurt. Tony helped me be able to walk again because I could lean on him for support,” she said.
But this isn’t the only way that the Wonder Pony has aided Pam.
“He nudges me when it’s time to take my medication. He nuzzles me when I am feeling down. I experienced trauma while growing up and he helps me through it,” she said.
Tony has been through some trauma himself and Pam feels that together, they help each other.

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