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Winkler awarded EMT of the year


by Trinity Gruenberg 

The Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Association (MEMSA) held their annual conference in Morton for three days of speakers, classes and entertainment.

It came as a surprise on September 15 when EMT Karen Winkler of Bertha was awarded EMT of the Year. 

To receive the award, you have to be nominated by a peer and selected by the board. 

“I did not see that coming. There was no heads-up,” said Winkler. 

The nomination said: "It has been my discovery over the year that Karen embodies the heart of EMS. She seeks training beyond the scope and requirements of her position. She is always searching for new training opportunities, travels across the country to attend these trainings, and made it her responsibility as an EMS professional a priority. Karen displays not just the willingness to better herself professionally, but continually challenges herself through involvement outside of the central region including joining a national tactical response and support unit as the head of their EMS response team."

Winkler was honored to receive the award. . . .

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