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Students make wooden trucks

by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School Design and Engineer class is making wooden trucks for Christmas.

    The class is comprised of ninth and tenth graders that came up with the idea to make the trucks.

    “We brought in some ideas of what we were going to make. We are creating wooden trucks and construction vehicles,” said student Gage Minoletti.

    They took existing patterns and modified them for the class to create the details in the trucks. 

    The handcrafted models are made from walnut and maple wood. They will be sanded and varnished. They are making seven at a time. It takes about two weeks to complete during class time.

    “It takes very detailed measurements,” said Minoletti.

    The students are learning to use equipment to make these stunning creations including a belt sander, table saw, mill, miter box, band saw and various sanders. The only thing they did not create were the wheels. 

    They have made a semi and trailer, a grain truck, scraper and bulldozers. Call the school to inquire about purchasing cost.The prices cover the cost of creating them. 

    You can view and order them on Craigslist (Link: baby & kid, farm & garden), Facebook, Instagram, LetGo and Snapchat.

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