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Yesteryears closes its doors after 30 years



by Trinity Gruenberg

    Yesteryears has been a staple of the Verndale community for nearly 30 years. Owners Scott and Suzie Nundahl made the difficult decision to close the doors on March 2 and retire.

    The Nundahls worked in the food industry their entire life. Scott started out when he was 14 years old washing dishes and was shortly thereafter promoted to cook.

    Suzie started her career when she was 17 years old working at the River Inn, which is where the couple met.

    They were married in 1980 and decided they wanted their own restaurant. In 1988, they purchased Yesteryears from Ray Ismil. They made some changes and added on to the business over the years.

    “All we know is the food business,” said Suzie.

    The Nundahls raised four daughters along with managing the daily workload of the café. There have been many ups and downs. They have put their blood, sweat, tears and  complete devotion into Yesteryears.

    “It’s an extension of my home. It has been pretty wonderful. We’ve met a lot of people we consider family,” said Suzie.

    Scott and Suzie greatly appreciate the business and their loyal customers over the years. 

    The Nundahls have been trying to sell the restaurant since October. Their hope is someone  will purchase it and continue Yesteryears’ legacy.

    They close the doors with a heavy heart, but the memories will never die.

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