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Zombies attack runners at Black's Grove Park

by Trinity Gruenberg

    Several runners were infected with the zombie virus on October 14 at Black’s Grove Park in Wadena. 

    Runners were given three flags to protect as they traversed the zombie-infested 5K track through the woods. During the Zombie Run event their goal was to make it across the finish line with all their flags. Not many succeeded. 

    All the runners agreed it was a fun event.

    “It was awesome. I’d do it again,” said runner Leslie Rudrud.

    She, her husband Josh and son Jason were all “infected” when they crossed the finish line. 

    “It was fun! An adrenaline rush for sure!” said Emma Davenport. 

    She was the first to cross the finish line, but lost her last flag to a zombie just feet before crossing the line.

    There were 18 brain hungry zombies scattered throughout the course. 

    The Chamber’s Board of Directors decided to hold this event. 

    The Zombie Run was a fundraiser for the Wadena Chamber of Commerce and the Wadena County Humane Society to help fund other events throughout the year

    “We felt a run like this would be something different and would appeal to the local community, but also bring in people from surrounding communities,”  said Crystal Riddle, of the chamber.


   “We had a lot of fun doing this, said Riddle. 

    The Zombie Run will return again next year.

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