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A Life After Death: The story of life, loss and love

by Trinity Gruenberg

Jill and Tristan Borland suffered a great loss after the sudden passing of their three-year-old daughter Maria.

Putting their grief into words, the couple recently published a book, A Life After Death, in hopes of helping others who have lost a loved one.

The back cover of the book reads:

“How do you schedule a funeral for the sudden death of your three-year-old daughter when you are nine months pregnant? This is one of the many disorienting questions Tristan and Jill faced in the days following their daughter Maria’s death. A Life After Death is their reflections as they faced the tragedy of death while still embracing life, faith, and hope. It is a love letter for the daughter they lost and for their children who continue to live.”

We continue to think of and miss our daughter but our hearts have grown to also incorporate joy and life alongside the ache.

Since Maria’s death and Lucy’s birth, we have also had the joy of adding Elijah to our family, our sixth child, and our first boy. . .



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