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A Matter of Perspective

How are you doing?

Often, the holidays can be a time of incredible stress for people. There is the stress of buying gifts, traveling, and family.

It seems like no matter how much we love our families there is always some kind of drama!

If you are struggling this holiday season, may I make a few suggestions?

1. Relax. Don’t forget to relax. So often we get so busy that we forget this simple self-care activity.

2. Don’t overspend. I know this one is difficult. Those credit cards are so tempting to us. But trust me, spending time is more valuable than spending money.

3. Try to avoid drama. This can be difficult because we all have ideas about how things should be done. Perhaps avoid conversation topics like politics, money, and religion. If you are holding a Christmas celebration, stick to the “reason for the season” and you might be able to avoid some conflicts.

4. Exercise. Don’t forget that even taking a walk can help dispel some anxiety, stress, and that extra piece of pie.

5. Don’t eat too much. Just keep in mind that whatever you eat you will need to carry around with you for a bit. Why spend the holidays in a food coma? Moderate what you eat and you will “feel” a lot better!

These are just a few things that came to my mind this morning. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and that your holidays can be as stress-free as possible.


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