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A Matter of Perspective

I am sure we have all heard or even used the phrase, “It’s good enough,” or some derivative of that expression.

But really, is what we are doing “good enough?”

I am certain that much of the time it is not “good enough.”

I hear that phrase everywhere I go. I was at a fast food restaurant the other day and heard one of the employees say about an order they were filling, “Oh, it’s good enough.”

Well, it may have been “good enough” for them but my guess is the person who received their half-done order didn’t think it was “good enough.”

However, they probably didn’t complain because these days, if you complain, you might get shot for it.

We are forced to settle for mediocrity and things that are someone else’s opinion of being “good enough,” because of the threat of violence.

I, for one, am tired of accepting “good enough” and I am not going to give it, either.

I heard myself say, “It’s good enough,” the other day at work. That is what made me think, “If I don’t want to accept ‘It’s good enough,’ then I can’t give ‘It’s good enough,’ either.”

I make this vow that I will do my best to not just give “good enough” but to give my very best which, in some cases, will not be “good enough” for some people but it will be my very best.

If we all start refusing to accept “good enough” we might be surprised that we might just start getting “better” and “best.”

That is my hope. I no longer want to settle for “good enough.”

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