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Ayers new director of Verndale Area Food Shelf

by Trinity Gruenberg

The day after picking up 641 pounds of donated food from a local grocery store, Mary Ayers is settling into her new role as director of the Verndale Area Food Shelf.

Ayers acquired the role in February and has been transitioning into it with the help of Pastor Tillman, who previously operated the food shelf.

Tillman’s ministry has grown, which is a blessing, but it began to add a strain trying to run the food shelf as well as his ministry.

Ayers stepped up to run the food shelf so Tillman could focus on his growing ministry.

“I like to give my time to the ministry and the community. I have family that helped me in my times of need and not everyone has that. It was just something that I thought would be a great blessing and to give back to the community,” shared Ayers.

Ayers joined the Verndale Area Christian Academy Elementary and Child Care as an assistant teacher four years ago. As their food program grew, she took over the food program as kitchen manager as well as some custodial duties. . .


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