Community comes together to help

by Trinity Gruenberg

Mike and Shanna (Keskitalo) Tuinstra were married for 13 years. They have a daughter, Haylee, 13, and enjoyed working together on the farm and educating students about agriculture.

The couple had a great relationship and even better communication. Mike did more of the hands-on operations while Shanna planned, organized, and did the paperwork. At night, the couple would talk for hours, making sure not to bring up money or business, following advice Mike received years ago.

The couple was very passionate about agriculture and seven years ago they began visiting schools to educate students about the various aspects of agriculture. Their hope was to one day have an agricultural-based career fair for students. They had planned on working on it this winter.

Just before 1:30 a.m. on Monday, November 2, everything came to a halt with Shanna’s unexpected and sudden passing. She was 40 years old. . .

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