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Dusting Off The Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, September 13, 1945

•All varieties of cheese were removed from rationing effective at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday. This action was taken as the agriculture department removed all cheese controls following notice from the Army that some military stocks of cheddar cheese can be used to meet requirements for foreign claimants.

• Sgt. Edward M. Lynch is the son of Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Lynch of Aldrich and has been in service for 21 months. He is presently stationed on Quam with the Air Corps Engineers. Also, Sgt. Maurice Lynch has 21 months of service to his credit. At present, he is stationed at Santa Rosa Army Air Base as an airplane mechanic.

•The Verndale School faculty is now complete. This was accomplished on Tuesday of this week when Mr. Matt Urick of Eveleth was hired to teach industrial arts, physical education and take over coaching of all athletics. He is a graduate of St. Cloud Teachers College and has majors in industrial arts and history and minors in physical education and science.

40 Years Ago, September 11, 1980

•After reviewing literature and information obtained at last month’s meeting of District 818 School Board from both the Leaf River Valley and Woodland Cooperative Centers of Wadena and Staples, board members voted to accept the offer from the Woodland Center for a free trimester trial run. Principal James Madsen might have time to re-schedule classes so it was decided to take advantage of the offer during the spring period. The offer, made by Director Jim Hofer, was for approximately five students who would have to be scheduled according to openings in the classes available.

•A shivaree is a noisy, surprise demonstration or celebration, a mock serenade with kettles, horns, etc. given to a couple on their wedding night. Although 25 years late, none-the-less relatives, neighbors, and friends did the honors Sunday night, surprising Tony and Eva Schmitz who celebrated their anniversary with family. The revelers numbered about 30 and came complete with drums, cymbals, cowbells, and whatever would make a racket.

• A history of black powder and a demonstration were given by Wayne Uberto of Hewitt and Pappy Hartman of Bertha, prior to the trek down the trails to relive history. They told of the transition from musket, matchlock, wheellock, flintlock, and caplock to the recent cartridge guns with a number being exhibited.

15 Years Ago, September 15, 2005

•Police Chief Jon Cline reported that eight people applied for the full-time police position that was advertised, and four would be interviewed on Monday. Cline said that he would like to finish up inspection reports on local properties in violation of the city garbage ordinance, but is waiting on Council Member Brenna to provide his notes for the report.

•On Friday, September 3, during Nimrod Days, two Verndale High School students were crowned during the pageant. Sarah Burczyk was named as second princess and Jessica Weaver first princess. During the competition Jessica danced to the B-52 song “Love Shack” and Sarah gave a goat tying demonstration with a dummy goat.

•The Pirates volleyball team started out the week with a loss against Henning 3-0. Scores for the three games were 25-13, 25-16, and 25-18. As the week progressed, things got better for the Lady Pirates who won 3-2 against New York Mills on Thursday. The blocks were stronger and the spikes left a sting. Folks hadn’t seen volleys like that prior to this game, this season.

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