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Ervasti takes second place at State Girl's Wrestling Championship

—photo by Minnesota/USA Wrestling-David Peterson

by BHVPP head coach Bill Wagner

On Friday, January 31, eighth grader Abby Ervasti, 14, was taking a trek to the twin cities. Saturday morning she woke up early and drove with her dad to Champlin Park High School to weigh in at 7 a.m. for the first ever Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association (MWCA) girls state wrestling tournament.

Ervasti weighed in at 144 making her eligible for 145. Abby had a quick discussion with dad and coach Wagner and stated that she would rather wrestle at 160 as a couple of her friends where at 145.

Ervasti entered the tourney on Track Wrestling at 160. Her first round found her against Shean’Areial Miller of Minneapolis Edison. Abby secured a nice takedown with a transition from a high single to a low finish. MIller escaped at the end of the first to make it 2-1. In the second the girls traded penalty points and then Abby was able to hit a Peterson Roll for a 2 point reversal, she was not able to secure backpoints.

In the third Miller choose neutral and after fending of a couple of shots from Abby was able to get in one of her own and finish the takedown bringing the score to 5-4. Abby got hand control and played great defense to secure a victory in round one. Round two found Abby Ervasti against Lauren Gomez from Mahtomedi. Abby took an early shot but Lauren was able to fend it off and score on a go behind. Abby hit a smash, built up some pressure and hit Peterson roll. She was able to score a reversal and 3 backpoints. Lauren fought off her back and based out but Abby secured a quick elbow and forced her back to her back. As Lauren was trying to fight off her back Abby adjusted from the crusher to headlock to secure a pin in the closing seconds of the first period.

In her next round Abby found herself against a very tough opponent from Cambridge Isanti in Kami Senlycki. Kami had just lost to Miller in the previous round 5-4. It was shaping up to be a great battle. Abby shot and Kami fended her off and took a reshot. It was a double leg that looked pretty tough. Abby looked in a little trouble but gave some ground and turned and threw a MIlls throughby with a hard crossface.

This caught Kami off guard and sent her spinning to her shoulder. Abby Kept the elbow, secured the upper body clasp and turned and drove her her opponent across a hip. Kami went to her back and Abby adjusted to finish the job with her second pin of the day and three straight wins. This set Abby up in the final round and a chance at a state championship title.

In the championship she would face a senior from Stillwater, Madi Horn. Madi plans to wrestle for Augsburg next year on their girls team. Abby started the match with a high single shot that Madi defended and was able to score a takedown with a go behind. Madi was then able to turn Abby with a leg ride and power half combination. Abby chose down in the second period but was not able to earn an escape or a reversal. In the third Madi chose neutral and was able to secure a takedown. She added the legs and another guillotine that Abby fought off but Madi came back with that tough power half and put Abby away for the win.

What a day for Abby Ervasti, Three straight wins, two by pin and a great finals match to secure a second place finish in the first ever MWCA State Girls Wrestling Championships.

I asked Abby what she thought of her day and I was more than impressed with her response. It wasn’t about the wins or the losses or what went right or wrong, it was so much more.

“I hope that this will inspire other young girls to get involved, believe in themselves and follow their passion,” said Ervasti.

The MWCA State Girl’s Championships was held at the Champlin Park High School on February 1. Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie (BHVPP) wrestler Abby Ervasti took second place in the 160 division.

Round 1: Ervasti was 10-13, 8th. over Shean`Areial Miller (Minneapolis Edison) 5-14, So. (Dec 5-4)

Round 2: Ervasti 10-13, 8th. over Lauren Gomez (Mahtomedi) 2-13, 8th. (Fall 1:50)

Round 3:Madi Horn (Stillwater) 8-2, Sr. over Lauren Gomez (Mahtomedi) 2-13, 8th. (Fall 1:22)

Shean`Areial Miller (Minneapolis Edison) 5-14, So. over Kami Senlycki (Cambridge-Isanti) 9-17, Fr. (Dec 5-4)

Round 4: Ervasti 10-13, 8th. over Kami Senlycki (Cambridge-Isanti) 9-17, Fr. (Fall 0:24)

Round 5: Madi Horn (Stillwater) 8-2, Sr. over Abby Ervasti (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) 10-13, 8th. (Fall 5:33)

1st Place – Madi Horn of Stillwater

2nd Place – Abby Ervasti of Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie

3rd Place – Shean’Areial Miller of Minneapolis Edison

4th Place – Kami Senlycki of Cambridge-Isanti

5th Place – Lauren Gomez of Mahtomedi

Abby Ervasti placed second in the first ever MWCA State Wrestling Championships.

“Congratulations to her and it is her goal to inspire more girls to compete in the sport of wrestling,” said Coach Bill Wagner.



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