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Gas prices continue to rise

by Trinity Gruenberg

and Kat Wiirre

Motorists are facing frustration at the pump as record gas prices put a dent in our wallets. People at the pump were not thrilled with the increasing prices.

“Prices are expensive, and it makes me think twice about where I need to go,” said Sarah Bailey of Eagle Bend.

Jennifer Blom of Bertha said she has no choice other than to pay the high prices.

“Prices are making me consider when traveling long distances exactly how much gas to put in the tank,” said Austin Bauch of Bertha.

Michael Murphy of Roseville said prices are ridiculous and he hasn’t seen them this high since 2006.

But why are gas prices rising?

Russia’s assault on Ukraine impacted the availability of crude oil. As companies imposed their own sanctions and U.S. banks banned transactions with Russian institutions, it has made matters worse.

Traders and banks won’t deal with Russian oil shipments from tankers and pipelines. They don’t want to be seen as funding or supporting the invasion of Ukraine. . .



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