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Grumpy Old Ganz

The Three Ducks

No, this is not a hunting tale or a story about Donald Duck’s three nephews, but of one dog’s obsession with his toy.

About a year ago a friend of mine had a puppy that no one had adopted so I decided to give him a home.

He was a busy little fella and was constantly on the move. I decided a fuzzy duck toy might help occupy his time. But little did I know the obsession this would create!

With the pup’s big personality this became more of a problem then solving the issue.

After a few months, he finally destroyed the duck toy but kept it with him at all times. Feeling bad for the pup and the tattered duck, I decided a second toy was needed.

So, I purchased another and for the next two days, it never left his mouth except when it came to lap time.

He does offer the duck up and will put it by my mouth as if to share...and, yes, I must admit, I have opened my mouth and took the duck and held it while I pet him.

This little game did get old. I didn’t like the “taste of the duck”. I don’t know why, but I decided maybe three duck toys would make the sharing situation better.

It’s been a year now and each duck seems to have its own purpose. Duck One is strictly for self-amusement, Duck Two is for lap time only and Duck Three is his pillow.

The dog does keep the ducks arranged in order and always seems to grab the right duck for the right situation. It’s crazy how habits are formed...

The saying “get your ducks in a row” clearly has meaning for this man’s “best friend”.

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