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Grumpy Old Ganz

The Grill Episode

I think it’s safe to say most of us, at one time or another, have used a charcoal grill and know the process of getting it started.

Many years ago, in a different time and place, I knew a person who would visit frequently to help with projects I was working on. He would always bring a grill and cook a delicious meal and we would enjoy the evening together.

On one particular occasion, after we were done with work for the day, I was a bit distracted but noticed the grill was filled with charcoal and wasn’t lit. I was a bit preoccupied and yet felt hungry so I headed over to see why.

After checking it out I asked, “Why isn’t the grill going?” and the response was, “I was waiting for you to light it."

I was confused by the comment since I never had to light the grill before and so I asked, “Where's the matches?” After they were pointed out to me, I grabbed them asking if I needed to add lighter fluid? The answer was “no”.

As I approached the grill I struck the match. In that instant, an extremely hot feeling came over my hands, body, and face along with a distinct familiar sound.

With the smell of singed hair and a red face from the nuclear blast I just survived, I saw him laughing and shaking his head. I had to ask...“What kind of lighter fluid did you use?” He responded...“I forgot to bring it, so I used gas and waited for you.”

“Why me?” I asked.

After a few minutes of chastising comments and laughter, I got my answer...“Because I knew better”...

Trust can be a funny thing at times, especially when those you trust the most turn it around for their own enjoyment!

Thanks again for the valuable lesson, Dad!


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