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Grumpy Old Ganz

Decisions We Make Have Consequences

From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed, our day is constantly filled with decisions we need to make, hoping the ones we chose were the right ones. However, some come with a positive or negative reaction attached, leaving us in a position to “live” with that choice.

Over the last several months I have been struggling to make an extremely hard decision of giving up one thing for another. It’s been exhausting mentally and physically, leaving me unmotivated to do just about anything and I have been extremely irritable.

Speaking with family, friends and those educated on the subject regarding the current struggle, I found plenty of support as to which choice I should make. However…I was, and still am, reluctant about it since both are controversial in today’s society.

I should make a point here that this is not some sort of mysterious health issue, just a personal issue that is controversial and I’m not ready to share an explanation with the world. It’s a simple struggle of what’s “right” for one person or “wrong” for another. This situation does directly affect not only myself but those around me, leaving yet another added selfish or do what’s best for all?

Choosing to be selfish for the last couple of months has proven to be the wrong choice and I have now chosen the other option in this scenario, taking me well outside of my comfort zone.

Change can sometimes be challenging and not without difficulties for some, but if we choose to embrace it with an open mind we might find that it’s not so bad after all. It can make our personal life, work environment and general well-being more enjoyable.

Only we as individuals can make the decision on what’s best for us regardless of the struggle...and just maybe…lead us to a better quality of life.



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