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Grumpy Old Ganz

Even Adults Need Toys...

Decisions don’t always have to be serious, so let me share a less serious one about “toys”.

As the saying goes “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”. —William B. McDonald

Some months back I purchased some new toys that have been sitting in boxes, unopened, for months now. Seeing them every day, I started to feel “buyer’s remorse”… along with forgetting what I even bought.

One day I gathered all the boxes, finding seven, I took each one to the table to be opened. Soon the fun began! I set each newly opened item aside until I had them all out.

Now, the hard part, it was decision time. Since they were still wrapped in packaging material…which one would I open first? I started with the smallest ones, suddenly, beginning to wonder why I had bought some of them? When I got to the bigger items, I remembered they were all attachments I thought I needed at the time.

When everything was opened and ready to go, I looked outside only to see it was raining. And like most people with new “toys”, I didn’t want to get them wet or ruin them. As I gathered up my gadgets, I headed into the rain. Yep, I didn’t care! I was gonna play with them regardless.

I began looking for a place to play. When I found the perfect spot, I sat like a little kid with his treasures. The more I played, the more fun I had, along with experimenting with all the extra attachments.

I can’t speak for everyone but when I get interested in something while having fun, I totally lose track of time, enjoying being in the moment.

I returned to the house to dry my “toys”. I noticed three hours had passed while I was out playing in the rain…probably not the smartest thing I’ve done, but it was worth it!

Sometimes we need to escape from reality and release our inner child!



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