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Grumpy Old Ganz

Read The Warning Label!

As the old saying goes…“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which I abide by, due to my inability to be mechanically inclined to fix things!

Now, on the other hand, there are those who feel the need to fix everything…broken or not. Sometimes this turns into a situation that really does need a mechanic.

Let’s not confuse this with routine maintenance of your equipment’s oil, spark plugs, fluids, etc.

Recently, I found myself struggling to start two different engines. I checked all the fluids and changed out the air filters and spark plugs...and I still had no luck.

Asking for some helpful advice on how to get these engines started, the word “ether” was brought up. That is a word I had not heard for years. It dates back to the days I worked for farmers who always had a can of “ether” nearby when they could not start a tractor.

This struck my funny bone since most of my experiences watching other people use the flammable liquid has never ended well for them. I’ve seen someone lose an eyebrow, sleeves caught fire and even a bright red face from the backfire. Usually, their line of thinking was the more the better…interesting concept due to how combustible it was.

I talked to several people on the subject. I asked if they even still made “ether”? They rephrased it and said it is called “starting fluid” or “a little gas”.

After further deliberation, I bought some “starting fluid”, read the directions, then proceeded to use it. Suddenly it became very clear that I missed the big, bold and bright markings on the can that said “use with caution” and “extremely flammable” as I singed the hair on my hand and wrist.

I’m chalking this one up to a self-induced learning lesson. I think I will leave it to the experts!!

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