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Grumpy Old Ganz

What does “home” mean to you?

Over the past few months, I have been asked several times, “What happened to your column?”

My answer will follow but I need to explain before I get into it that this is not a “poor me” editorial. I am merely giving you the reasons why I have not been writing.

In November of 2021, my parents’ health began to decline very quickly. Over a few months time, my sisters and I took turns spending nights with them helping however and whenever possible.

In January of this year, we lost both parents within 26 days of one another. They both passed peacefully which was a blessing. As most of you know, funeral arrangements needed to be made, along with financial arrangements and dealing with other legal issues. It can be physically and emotionally draining.

It took us several months to get things sorted out and finalized. We went through personal items, cleaned the house and put it on the market to sell. As of this is writing…things are still not completely finalized.

Along with all of this, I have my own medical issues to deal with which are ongoing.

With all of the changes, my parents gone, selling the house I grew up left me with a nagging question...what is “home”?

We all know the definition but it can mean different things to different people!

You have heard all the little sayings…“home is where you hang your hat” or “wherever you lay your head at night,” etc.

For me it’s not that simple. I grew up in that house with holiday dinners, family get-togethers and more. Now it’s completely gone.

So I pose this question to you…is “home” just memories, a physical location or something more? The way I look at it is it was much more! Now “home” no longer exists and all we are left with are the memories we created over time. for thought…what really constitutes “home” to you?


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