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Grumpy Old Ganz

Is “compromise” still in the dictionary?

I hate throwing my hat into the political arena, but my simple minded brain doesn’t understand why our politics have changed? Or have they?

Over the last couple weeks I stopped watching and reading the world news, simply because all they are reporting on is the mid-term results and what it means. What does it mean?

In complete honesty, it literally means nothing to me. I don’t care who controls the House or the Senate. It is clear though by the reporting that people, generally speaking, seem to be voting across party lines and are not voting based on what’s right for them or our country.

Despite who controls what, aren’t both the House and the Senate supposed to be working together for the people? Instead, both parties would rather fight amongst themselves or just vote along party lines and truly not focus on what’s right for our Nation.

I do understand when a bill is debated if one party or the other sends it back to amend a wording change, the controlling party can vote it down because they have the numbers to do so. How is this helping the people or the country? It’s not. It’s dividing our country!

Each side claims the other is the problem…if you’re working together in the best interest of the people there shouldn’t be an issue.

Why must we draw a line in the sand over things that should be a simple compromise? Those that do try, are ostracized by their own party for being individuals making a decision based on what’s right for the people or nation.

It’s called working together and taking responsibility for your actions…stop blaming the other side and fix the problem.

What happened to the infrastructure bill (which is new funding for roads, bridges, high speed internet and more)? I honestly don’t know, but “they” are continuing to make me live in the dark ages.

A big thank you to our local, state and federal government for forcing me to live this way!

Wait…I guess that must be my choice...or is it?


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