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Grumpy Old Ganz

Do you like breakfast

in bed?

I have shared a lot about the wild critters I’ve had encounters with. And also experiences with my pets. But there’s one animal I never really mention...“Baby Girl”…my cat.

I’m not a big cat lover, but somewhere along the way, I decided the kids would enjoy a cat. But unfortunately, she took a liking to me more than I cared for.

She lived in and out of the house for a few years producing two litters of kittens and bringing every male cat in the neighborhood into the yard!

That problem was fixed very quickly!

One day, Baby Girl decided on her own she preferred to be outside full-time. She stayed nearby home, hunting and bringing me her “catches”. These catches ranged from mice and birds to chipmunks and squirrels…and some were brought back alive, which I will go into more detail in another editorial.

Anyway, back to my last winter Baby Girl decided that she preferred being inside for the winter. I can’t say that I felt the same way.

And then when spring came, she decided to head back outside.

I knew that a big snowstorm was coming recently and she had been “yelling” at me, so I let her back in the house.

For the last week, she has been telling me, in so many “cat words,” when and how to do things. I don’t mind it much...yet...but it seems like the “mothering” has only just begun.

I don’t like the constant “nagging” and being watched like a child and her scolding me.

I do really enjoy her bringing me breakfast in bed though, which she’s served me three times.

I must say I’m not really fond of mouse meat! She has left one of the little critters on my face, one on the nightstand, and one in my slipper.

What really freaks me out is she lays on the nightstand and watches me sleep, which is a little unnerving.

With New Year’s Day approaching I’m a little concerned about the menu of the day. Whatever it is, if she’s serving, I’m sure it will be in bite-size pieces. Oh boy, I can’t wait!


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