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Gugglberger is one of the 10 percenters

by Karin L. Nauber

Very few people survive the type of heart attack that Manfred Gugglberger did. The number is around 10 percent. He is one of the ten percent who live.

On May 31, Manfred and his family—wife Brenda, daughter Sahra and future son-in-law Josh Feldewerd—thanked the Browerville Ambulance crew and the Todd County Sheriff deputies and dispatch for saving his life.

That’s not to forget his wife Brenda, whose quick thinking led to her starting CPR which gave him a fighting chance.

At the gathering on May 31, Manfred said, “Thank you so much for giving my life and my family’s lives back. It is absolutely amazing. I have my family back and I can do yard work.”

Brenda added, “We just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your lives to give us ours.”

With that, the Gugglbergers presented a donation to the Browerville Ambulance crew with the intention that the money be spent on a get-together for the ambulance crew members and their families.

While Brenda does not remember a lot of the events of the evening of May 2 when Manfred collapsed in their home, she remembered one thing that helped—“If in doubt, start CPR.”

Because Manfred remembers very little of the events of the evening, Brenda shared much of the information including some information from the Caringbridge site she had created to document Manfred’s miraculous recovery. . .


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