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Hilltop Square Apartments on track

by Karin L. Nauber

If things go as planned and the funding comes through, next year at this time construction could begin on the Hilltop Square Apartments in Eagle Bend, according to Architect Jim Moy of Blumentals Architecture.

At a meeting of the stakeholders on Thursday, June 9, Moy along with Central Minnesota Housing Partnership (CMHP) Executive Director Deanna Hemmesch and about 18 stakeholders discussed the next steps along with looking at some of the architectural changes that had been made to the initial plans.

They should hear in December whether they will receive funding from one of the sources.

“Then there will be a whole lot more work,” said Moy.

The group is working on three things: the kitchen, the auditorium, and the housing.

Moy went through the architectural plans and answered questions along the way.

Most of the apartments would remain the same size they were when they served as classrooms. . .


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