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In Focus

I can’t believe Christmas is here already!

I feel like it’s still two weeks away and not this coming Friday!

I’m not a fan of time passing this quickly when it’s a season I wish to enjoy. I’m just glad my Christmas shopping is done and everyone has received their gifts since I mailed them off early.

I am glad the light show is going well. The last time I counted, we were close to beating what was raised for the Bertha Community Food Shelf during Halloween, which is great! I haven’t been keeping up on the total because I want it to be a surprise. Thank you, donors!

The Christmas Tree Drive also went well. We had many people drop off real and fake trees, ornaments, lights, and other tree accessories. The drive ended on the 13th and what remained I left outside for nearly a week to see if anyone would stop by and pick it up. When it began to snow, I brought what was left inside so the boxes wouldn’t get ruined. I will probably stash it away for next year. Thank you everyone for contributing to this drive and helping to spread some Christmas cheer this year! One gentleman, who doesn’t want to be named, brought seven real trees and new lights and accessories. I just want you to know how grateful I am to you for your help with this and for going above and beyond for the cause. Thank you, sir!

I have also been grateful for the weather. A little snow is nice this time of year. I am just glad we haven’t been dumped on like we were in October, and I haven’t had to unbury the decorations in my yard. I am hoping the weather holds out until New Year’s, so I can take the show down and not have it all froze in my yard until spring. I’m planning for New Year’s Eve to be the final show.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


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