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In Focus

Orange Friday. It’s like Black Friday, but for Halloween stuff.

Being the Halloween enthusiast that I am, I have joined a few groups on Facebook and have seen some really neat ideas as well as decorations.

One such group is a “12 foot Skelly” group for people who love Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton that came out last year. Needless to say, that prop was a huge hit and sold out quickly. Some people kept the skellys up year-round and decorated them for the holidays. It was amazing and fun to see.

I have wanted one ever since then. Thanks to this group, I knew July 16 was the day they were coming back online and would be available. The day was dubbed Orange Friday. I jumped online that morning to find they were already all sold out. I didn’t even get an option to backorder, just an option to sign up to be informed when they are back in stock. It was a really sad day.

We were informed they would be in stores for the season at some point. So here I sit and wait pouting because I really want one and couldn’t purchase one. I’m careful with my spending money, but this is one thing I will bust out a credit card for if necessary. I have saved up for it. Now I wait and pray I can get my hands on one this year.

Do you wonder what the cost of a precious skelly is? $300.

Some people are selling these skellys online for $500 plus! I’m not that desperate. I just have to have a little patience...

There are some other really neat things in the Halloween decor department coming out this season. I’ve also been looking at a six-foot spider I think would look great on the roof of my garage. I’m also thinking about making one out of PVC pipe and spray foam. I may just do that and save myself a few bucks.

As far as the Halloween light show, it is coming along. I already have a few new songs programmed and I changed up some previous ones. Songs like Ghostbusters and This is Halloween will forever stay! At one point I made a list of potential songs for the show, and it contains over 30 songs and more are being added all the time. I try to add new songs for every show. Some are easier to program than others.

I can’t wait for Halloween...and it’s only July...can you feel my enthusiasm?!?!


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