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In Focus

The time has finally come to decorate for Halloween!

I think this is the first time I received complaints that nothing was put up in my yard (pertaining to holiday decor), other than the still-unnamed 12 foot skeleton.

With my sister’s wedding, I really didn’t have time to put anything out. But I am back and it is time to get to work. This should be fun considering I still haven’t recovered from traveling. I am totally exhausted.

I do have one little obstacle. Before I left for the wedding I was painting a trunk to go in my bedroom. Well, it had some issues and I had to redo the entire thing. It’s still in my garage. Hopefully, it dries without issues this time. That thing has to be moved out of the garage so I can get the big props out such as my coffin and cemetery gate. I just don’t like working around obstacles.

Mom mowed the lawn and all the solar lights and summer decorations have to be taken down and put away. Then the fun part...hauling totes of decorations upstairs out of the basement.

Needless to say, my house becomes a massive disaster during this process. Setting up for Christmas is even worse as I have to swap out Halloween for Christmas props so it is all upstairs at the same time.

But this also helps us clean up and organize the prop it’s not all bad.

I am very excited about this year’s Halloween show. I have two new songs and new props and ideas to incorporate. The setup will be similar to last year, but it won’t be the same show. And it will be very bright and flashy. I have some new light-up tombstones and will be animating the two 16 foot spider webs and a bunch of lights. I hope it all works out as planned!

It is time to bring on the chaos of light show decorating! Details on the show will be coming soon.

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