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Line 3 protesters released from jail

by Trinity Gruenberg

A small group of Line 3 protesters waited outside of the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office on July 21 waiting for their seven comrades to be released from custody.

The “Shell River Seven” were seven women who chained themselves together and were arrested for trespassing on the Line 3 site on July 19.

Among them was Winona LaDuke, Executive Director of Honor the Earth, a Native environmental advocacy organization that played an active role in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

One by one the ladies were freed after bail was posted. They were greeted with hugs, a bouquet of flowers and then cleansed with sage.

LaDuke was held as Aitkin County had a warrant out for her arrest and she was transferred to their custody. LaDuke was released from Aitkin County on July 22.

The ladies stated they were honoring the treaty of 1855 and were protecting the water. They called for fellow water protectors to come to stand with them and fight Enbridge Line 3.

Journalist Kristen Razowsky was the first released. She was glad to be out and added they reiterated to officials they were invited guests on treaty land.

Patricia Jean Weber, Honor the Earth board member, commented that the charges against them were not accurate.

What are they protesting? . . .


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