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Local sheriffs speak out against proposed bill on storage of firearms and ammunition

by Trinity Gruenberg

Local sheriffs sent letters to their representatives in opposition to House File 396.

The proposed bill HF 396 was introduced to the House in January for firearm and ammunition storage requirements:


The owner of a firearm must take reasonable action to secure

the firearm when it is not carried or under the control of the owner or an authorized user. For this purpose, reasonable action requires a firearm to be stored unloaded with a locking

device and separately from its ammunition.


No person shall transfer a firearm to another person without an appropriate locking device unless the transferee provides proof of ownership of a locking device capable of storing the firearm in compliance with subdivision 1. The transferee must own a sufficient number of locking devices to secure each firearm the transferee owns.


A person who violates subdivision 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor. . .



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