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Mason's Monolog

This is the week we are supposed to turn in our binders we were using for distance learning. In fact, I turned mine in just before writing this. From here on out, all of my work will be done online, and I’ve yet to see what that will look like or how well it will work. On the plus side, I won’t have to worry about paperwork, but I will have to worry about my internet situation as I only have a hotspot on my phone at home. So far, it’s been working okay, but I don’t expect that this trend will continue. I personally worry about the kids, especially the seniors, who don’t have a good internet connection at home. Those kids, if they can’t go somewhere that does have WiFi (to connect to the internet), they’re possibly looking at falling behind, not getting their work done or maybe even being held back. The seniors in that same situation very possibly won’t be able to graduate this year. I don’t think anyone was expecting schools to stay closed for the remainder of the year, but unfortunately, we have to just roll with the punches and get through it. Things will get better. They have to. But for now, we need to go with the flow and do everything we need to do to return to a normal life. That means following what the government is recommending we do, supporting the small businesses that are still open, and being aware of one another. These are hard times for many people. As far as myself dealing with distance’s going all right. I’m just doing everything I need to do to be able to graduate, from sending in my attendance to attending the daily meetings, to doing my work. I think it’s safe to say that most schools have ironed out most of the issues they were having when this transition was implemented. I’m happy that I had previously transferred to the Area Learning Center. We’ve had almost no issues with communication or homework. The larger, public schools have a lot more students to deal with and a larger schoolwork burden to manage. For their sake, I hope distance learning ends sooner rather than later. For my sake, however, being the antisocial person I am, I don’t really want it to end quite yet. If you have any questions about my distance learning experiences, please send me an e-mail at

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