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Radio host Mike Danvers retires after 45 years in the business

Mike Danvers has retired from KKWS/Superstation K-106 in Wadena after 36 years on the air, closing out his 45 years in radio.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A long-time voice over the airwaves in Wadena decided it was time to retire. Mike Danvers has filled the local airwaves for the past 36 years at KKWS/Superstation K-106 Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. Originally, Danvers thought he would work in Wadena for a year until he found another job.

“I would have bet you every single penny that you were wrong that I would have been here 36 years,” smiled Danvers.

He recently covered the New York Mills baseball team through their state competition. Some were confused by his presence as he retired at the end of May.

“I didn’t say I would never, ever work again,” chuckled Danvers. “I’m just not going to work every day.”

Calling the New York Mills game at the State Tournament at Target Field was a dream fulfilled for him in his 45 years in radio.

As radio continues to change, he decided it was time to step back. When Danvers began his career, everything was on records and carts (basically a tape). The records contained the music and the carts contained the commercials. . .


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