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Reconstruction of tornado-damaged STS building on track

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Sentenced to Serve (STS) building in Eagle Bend is being rebuilt after it was destroyed by a tornado and heavy snow. Construction is expected to be completed by September 1.

Community Corrections Director Kathy Langer explained she learned a lot about building projects while coordinating the STS while they wait for the building to be finished. 

The STS program allows those in Todd and Wadena counties with criminal fines and those who need to do community service to work them off and give back to the community. Sometimes, the STS members have to learn how to use equipment and work with others, while some have particular skills that are taught to the crew chiefs.

“I just think it’s really, really an amazing opportunity for people to give something to the community. And sometimes it’s a consequence, you know, for criminal behavior. But we have plenty of people working on the crew who have worked out their fines, and they continue to want to work in the community, having built a desire to give back,” said Langer.

The STS program averaged 12,000 work hours yearly in the past two years, with 2762 hours for both counties....


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