Search for the worsening water leak continues

by Trinity Gruenberg

The search for an elusive water leak that has been plaguing the city since the end of December continued on February 19. WSB Engineering spent six hours drilling holes along Farwell Street and was unable to locate the leak.

The crew drilled approximately a dozen holes 10-15 feet deep between Second Avenue and Fourth Avenue, staying as close to the water main as possible. The engineer’s drilling rig created holes six inches wide. The bit is hollow and water would have come up through it had they drilled into the area where the water is leaking.

Maintenance Manager Matt Uselman also lowered an instrument down the bit that detects water. He uses this device to check the water level in the wells. Unfortunately, no water was located. The idea of drilling holes to find a water leak in this manner was unheard of by the engineers, but they were on board to give it a shot.

After the drilling was completed, the holes were filled and patched. The operation cost the city $280 per hour. . .

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