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SWAT team trains at local school

by Trinity Gruenberg

Training went to the dogs on Wednesday, March 29, at the Verndale School.

The Wadena/Hubbard SWAT team used the Verndale School to train with area K-9 teams. The training focused on using the K-9s for suspect location and apprehension.

Wadena County Jailer Aidan Randall-Vry played the role of the suspect, and human chew toy, for the K-9s in a full protective suit and helmet.

The suspect hid among the tables in the cafeteria, while the K-9 teams took turns sending their highly skilled K-9s into the cafeteria to locate and apprehend the suspect.

The K-9 teams were Todd County Deputy Brittney Hendricks and K-9 Ranger, Park Rapids Police Officer Rob Gilmore and K-9 Jet, and Wadena County Deputy Troy Wangsness and K-9 Nitro. . .


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