The Giving Tree: Verndale Family Life Church will help children in need this Christmas

The Giving Tree at the Verndale Family Life Church is covered in tags of Wadena County children in need of items for Christmas.

by Trinity Gruenberg

As the Christmas season is upon us and parents are shopping for presents for their families, some are not as fortunate to be able to afford gifts for their children.

Located inside the Verndale Family Life Church is a Christmas tree covered in tags. These tags contain information about children ranging in age from infants to age 18, what size they wear, and what they would like for Christmas. Most items are necessities like snow boots, hats, scarves, jackets, etc.

“Those are the tags [listing necessities] that immediately get taken,” said Pastor Tahna Rurup.

The Giving Tree will be set up through December 16.

Rurup explained they work with Wadena County Social Services to get the information about what Wadena County children need. She makes a tag with the information (names are not listed for confidentiality) and hangs them on the tree.

The aim is to reach those that “fall through the cracks” that may need help, but don’t qualify for other programs. . .

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