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Tigers track hits the field and places well

by Coach Rollie Lais

Ashley Perish finished 10th in the 100 meter dash and Sarah Jagush finished 28th. Emma Webster finished 18th in the 400 meter run and 13th in the 800 meter run. Natalie Marxer finished 9th and Emily Winter finished 16th in the 1600 meter run. Perish finished 6th in the 100 meter hurdles. Joe Nedoroscik finished 1st in the triple jump, 2nd in long jump, and 8th in the 100 meter dash. Quinten Rickbeil and Owen Zigan finished 21st and 22nd in the 200 meter dash. Devin Bierwerth and Tanner Fischer placed 16th and 21st in the 400 meter run, Alex Stormoen and Steven Rowe placed 22nd and 24th in the 1600 meter run. Andre Recknor and Domanic Elk placed 8th and 15th in the 110 hurdles. Elke also placed 12th in the 300 hurdles. . .


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